Welcome to Sovr Protocol’s documentation!

Sovr Protocol integrates the Golem network’s compute prowess into the FairOS-DFS and the Swarm network’s storage facilities. The whole idea revolves around the concept of compute pods. A compute pod is simply a set of files that define how a Golem task should run, what are the inputs, outputs, and finally where the logs are going to be held. All these files are finally stored in decentralized storage of the FaiOS-DFS and Swarm. The tool that is in charge of persisting, sharing, and running compute pods is called the Sovr CLI.

To get your feet wet, check out the Usage section for further information about how to get started with the CLI and necessary prerequisites to get it set up. To deep dive into the builiding blocks of the Sovr Protocol, please take a look at the Compute Pods section.


This project is under active development.